Eastcan provides 3 primary services:

Eastcan operates 4 softcopy workstations, 3 running Cardinal Systems’ VR software and 1 running DVP software.
Each workstation is also equipped with ESRI’s ArcGIS, AutoCAD & Microstation CAD and Microsoft’s Office software.
We also operate an image processing workstation. Image work is completed with Cardinal Systems and Inpho Systems software.

Our GIS & CAD group’s primary production tool is ESRI’s ArcGIS software. ArcGIS is used on most projects, even those whose delivery format is not ESRI based.

The group also operates AutoCAD and Microstation CAD software on an as-needed basis.

Field Data Collection & Ground Control
Eastcan provides field data collection for asset management projects, collecting GPS coordinates and operational attributes of utility features. Field collection is supported by a number of permanent reference stations located across the province.
Field surveying is supervised by our parent company, Thompson Conn, who also provide photogrammetric ground control for our airborne projects.

Eastcan and Thompson Conn use Leica’s suite of surveying tools.