GIS Updates Beechville, Lakeside, Timberlea

Water & Sewer Systems
Halifax Water, Halifax Regional Municipality

Eastcan was contracted by Halifax Water to conduct a field survey and data build of their water and sewer facilities in the Beechville, Lakeside, Timberlea area of the Halifax Regional Municipality. The contract was one segment of a multi-phase project to locate and identify all assets owned by the utility. Eastcan teamed with our parent company, Thompson Conn Ltd. who performed the field surveys, CBCL Engineering who provided the project management and domain expertise in water / sewer systems and Next Level Data Solutions to provide application development and data translation services.

Eastcan’s Role
The project included 4 primary production stages:

  1. field surveying of the assets
  2. creation of the pipe network
  3. population of the asset attribution
  4. conversion of the CAD data to an ESRI data set

bltThe field work was conducted in 2 phases. Phase 1 was an initial collection of street located assets, assets visible during the final days of snow cover. Phase 2 included collection of the remaining assets once the snow cover had disappeared. The survey identified the XYZ coordinates of each asset and attribution identifiable in the field by the surveyors. Each asset was assigned a unique feature ID.

The field data was downloaded to a DWG vector file and Eastcan’s GIS techs created the water and sewer pipe network using the surveyed coordinates as network nodes. Once the pipes and point features were created the attribute values were added to the database fields using information provided in the client’s as-built engineering drawings. The completed CAD data was translated to the ESRI data model using applications developed by our GIS group. Quality control procedures were conducted on the field collection, the CAD development, the attribute loading and the conversion to GIS format.